Conveyancing Quotes
& Workflow Solutions

Quote Engine

Online quote engine giving law firms and conveyancing referrers 24/7 quote ability

Client Portal

Automated data collection, form completion, e-signatures and disbursement ordering

Panel Work

Packaged and managed conveyancing instructions direct from our lead generation websites 


Quote Engines

Quotes In Under 30 Seconds

CALM’s online conveyancing Quote Engine is a web-based tool designed to offer flexibility and efficiency in generating comprehensive and itemised conveyancing quotes for your law firm. Our quote engine can be configured for use by your referrers, such as estate agents and mortgage brokers, to generate quotes based on the fees and agreements you have with each of them.

Instant Quote Generation

Potential clients can get a quote from your website at any time of the day or night, turning your firm into a 24/7 business. You collect the lead data. 

The quote is presented in a clear and transparent format, ensuring that users understand the various costs associated with the conveyancing process. Users are given the option to save their quote by submitting their contact details, in these circumstances they receive their quote breakdown via email.

No Hidden Fees

Users provide key details related to their property transaction, such as the type of transaction (buying, selling, or remortgaging), the purchase or sale price, leasehold and any other information which results in fees and disbursements.

The online quote engine calculates the costs associated with the transaction information supplied. This includes legal fees, disbursements and SDLT calculations.

Health Monitor

Stay on top of your leads with our Health Monitor feature, designed to send timely alerts for leads that haven’t been actioned or processed. This ensures you never miss a valuable opportunity. Quickly and easily monitor your Work In Progress (WIP), and empower your teams with alerts they can rely on. With this feature, you can be confident that every potential new client is attended to promptly, enhancing your responsiveness and overall client satisfaction.

Your Referrers

Empower your network and equip your referral partners with a seamless quoting system, strengthening collaborations and boosting referrals.

Our quote engine can be configured for use by unlimited referrers, such as estate agents and mortgage brokers, to generate quotes based on the fees and agreements you have with each of them.

Simplify the conveyancing workflow for your in-house teams and empower your referrers to effortlessly generate precise quotes, fostering transparent business referrals to your firm. This streamlined process significantly elevates the overall experience for your clients.


Client Portal

Automated Client Management

CALM's Client Portal revolutionizes the onboarding and conveyancing process, seamlessly automating tasks right from the inception of quote generation. Once a client instructs through your online quote engine, a series of hands-off tasks are set in motion.

The system’s intelligent automation is tailored to the specific details provided during quote generation. Clients receive only the necessary forms and supporting documents relevant to their individual transaction, ensuring a personalized experience.

Upon receiving access to the Client Portal, your clients are guided to:

Complete personal information for all parties involved in the sale/purchase.

Initiate, complete, and return ID & AML checks.

Order and receive search packs.

Digitally complete and e-sign TA protocol forms.

Upload proof of funds documentation.

All client-provided information and documents are automatically and in real-time uploaded into the CALM portal. The Client Portal also features unique milestone updates visible to your staff, referrers, and clients, reducing the need for follow-up emails and calls. CALM’s Client Portal eliminates the manual ordering process, saving significant time, and consolidates all results, forms, and documents into a single portal. This approach removes multiple portal logins, providing a streamlined and efficient experience for all parties involved. When you sign up for Client Portal, we go the extra mile by offering vendor leads – sourced from our home mover lead generation websites – to your estate agent referrers at absolutely no additional cost. It’s our way of enhancing the value of our partnership and supporting your estate agent referrers with valuable opportunities to grow their business, at the same time giving them opportunity to convert more conveyancing business back to you.


Panel Work

Join Our Conveyancing Panel

Become a part of our panel for streamlined conveyancing instructions, sourced through our lead generation and customer acquisition websites, including Moving Buddies and Compare Agents. We understand the challenges of both generating and converting conveyancing business, and we’re here to make it easier for you.

Effortless Lead Generation

Benefit from our extensive experience in online conveyancing lead generation. We’ve optimised our campaigns, ensuring competitive Cost Per Click (CPC) rates. Working with us provides exposure to business at the best costs, eliminating the need for your own marketing budget or in-house campaign management.

Hands-Free Lead Conversion

Let us handle the challenging task of converting leads into new business. This allows your team to focus on the legal work without the hassle of managing the intricacies of lead conversion.

Seamless Client Portal Integration

All instructions generated automatically undergo the Client Portal process. This means that not only do you receive new business opportunities, but you also seamlessly obtain IDs, searches, proof of funds, and TA protocol packs – all without requiring interaction from your internal teams.

Join Us Today

The process of signing up to our panel is straightforward. Contact us today to discover how you can benefit from our lead generation expertise and enjoy a hassle-free approach to acquiring new business.

By partnering with us, you not only gain exposure to cost-effective business opportunities but also free up your team to focus on the legal aspects of the conveyancing process.

Features & Benefits

Seamless Automation

Boost productivity, expedite tasks and elevate client satisfaction with automated key tasks and milestones. With Client Portal your everyday tasks are automated meaning your staff do not have to manually do anything other than wait for the information and documents to be returned.

ID/AML Checks & Searches

We automate the ordering of ID/AML checks and searches.

Digital Delivery

TA Protocol forms and proof of funds are automated and digitally sent to the client/s for completion.

Built With Intelligence

All automations are intelligent based on the information supplied at the time of quote generation. Clients will only ever receive the required forms and supporting documents relevant to them based on their personal transaction data.

Electronically Signed

E-signing by all parties on TA Protocol forms.

A Single Portal

We remove the need for manual ordering, saving hours of your time and all results, forms and documents are available in a single portal. Because we know how much everyone hates multiple portal logins!

Tailored For Clients

Moving Buddies is our client facing team encouraging clients to complete all of the above tasks as quickly as possible all within their own simple Moving Buddies portal. Completed tasks are available in real time in your portal.

Milestone Updates

All parties have access to view real-time progress updates on key stages of the conveyancing process. This could include tasks completed, milestones reached, upcoming deadlines, and estimated completion dates.