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Welcome to CALM

We work with businesses in the Legal, Financial and Property sectors. Helping you to generate new clients as well as maximise the value of your current client base.

What Makes A Company?

A company is a collection of like-minded people working together to bring a shared vision of the future to fruition. When joining a company, it is essential to understand and align with their vision and work toward making it reality. In a company, the many move as one and the product is greater than the sum of parts that create it. Business is born when a company finds viable means to realise its vision. Well-executed, a company will deepen and make things better for its surroundings and the community – profits tend to follow. Profit is simply a measure of how well the vision has manifested and therefore, energy should always be focused on the product and productivity, not profit.

Being CALM

We are a web-based business and we empower people to engage, communicate and collaborate in a unique way. At no other time in history have we as human beings enjoyed such incredible connection (which we fight and don’t embrace). For us the Internet is magic. Although we think technology is great, we think people are better. People come first in everything we do so we take care when dealing with each other and the outside world. In an increasingly busy world, we believe in the personal touch.

Our Mission

To become the most versatile marketing network. To assist all businesses in the network to increase their sale and profits through effective marketing and access shared skills to expand the reach of the network. 

How do you fit into CALM?

Law Firm

We generate conveyancing instructions for Law Firms from our lead generation comparison websites, Estate Agents and other introducers in our network. We provide quote engines to all our introducers and publishers which provide conveyancing quote comparisons - including fees, disbursements and search pack.

Estate Agent

We generate home-mover leads for our Estate Agents via our independent and unbiased comparison site. Our Estate Agents receive these leads instantly and at no cost. Earn additional revenue by introducing clients to our wide range of services essential for home-movers.

For any client that is converted via CALM you receive a revenue share of the total value of that client.


Working with CALM allows you to introduce clients to services and products that you do not provide yourself. Our panel is made up of various businesses providing legal and financial products and solutions for your clients.

By introducing clients to our panel you are able to earn passive income; you are only expected to provide the introduction and not convert the client. Once the client is converted via CALM you receive a revenue share of the total value of each client; accumulative of all services and products they purchase.


Working with CALM allows you to generate revenue simply by spreading the word about what we do. You will be given all the training and support you need to introduce Law Firms and Estate agents about what we do.

Our reach and lead volumes are growing and although for many of us Zoom is the way of the world, at some point we should get back to normal and start to meet again face to face.

 So not only do we need BDMs to introduce businesses they know, but we need our growing team to manage designated areas around the country.

 So if you are driven and want a way to increase your earnings part time or full time, then why not join our BDM CALM team.


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