What makes a business us CALM

A Shared Vision

A company is a collection of like-minded people working together to bring a shared vision of the future to fruition. When joining a company, it is essential to understand and align with their vision and work toward making it reality. In a company, the many move as one and the product is greater than the sum of the parts that create it.

Clear Focus

Business is born when a company finds viable means to realise its vision. Well-executed, a company will deepen and make things better for its surroundings and the community – profits tend to follow. Profit is simply a measure of how well the vision has manifested and therefore, energy should always be focused on product and productivity, not profit.
About Calm

We are a web-based business and we empower people to engage, communicate and collaborate in a unique way.

What is does it mean to be Calm?

At no other time in history have we as human beings enjoyed such incredible connection (which we seem to fight and don’t embrace). For Calm the internet is magic and although we think technology is great, we think people are better. People come first in everything we do so we take care when dealing with each other and the outside world. In an increasingly busy world, we believe in the personal touch.

Our Mission is simple.

To become the most versatile lead management and marketing network in our sector. To assist all businesses in the network to increase their sales and profits with effective marketing, technology solutions and access shared skills to expand the reach of the network. Also generating fundraising opportunities to support the homeless, through charitable donations and building awareness to the general public and businesses that connect with the CALM network.

Our Values. Our Beliefs.

Without a shared belief system, we risk contradicting and confusing each other. In order to be effective, we need set values to act as the company cornerstone, our collective northern stars: Clarity, Accountability, Generosity, Charity, Loyalty and Individuality.
Our Values

Why our Values matter.



We take the time to consider our thinking and make sure it is clear before we communicate. We try to make sense of the world and we are always straightforward. We don’t assume, jump to conclusions or judge. We look and listen with an open mind, think before we speak, ask questions and seek to understand how others see the world before offering our opinions.


We take ownership over our actions. We don’t pass the buck. We don’t blame others. We are a team and we live or die together. Sometimes we are the problem. We can take all the credit in the world for the things we do right as long as you take responsibility for what you do wrong. It must be a balanced equation.


Our philosophy of “people helping people” is synonymous with our commitment to help support homeless charities in the UK. The CALM network is designed to help support home owners and their families using technology. We think it only fair to support those without a home or family. We are very proud to donate 10% of our profits each year to support homeless charities


We trust each other. There is no I in team and no room for ego. We know when the going gets tough, team is all we have. We look out for one another. We practice helping the people around us. We accept help when it is offered and we ask for help when it’s needed.


Give, without expecting. We are open to new methods, connected to our tribe and generous when given the opportunity. Aware that the single most effective way to move forward is to help others move forward as well. We do not let fear of failure, intimacy and vulnerability dampen our generous nature. Fear closes and disconnects. When we find our own foundation and are supported in our work by those around us, we can get back to first principles, to realising our own dreams and making our own art by supporting others first and always.


We are a team but we are also individuals and we like independent thinkers. Be your own person. Speak your mind. Have strong opinions but hold them lightly. You should take initiative, self-motivate, learn and grow. Be true to yourself and go after what you want. You don’t have to do it how everybody else has. Do it your way, break the rules. Just as long as you do not deny anyone else getting what they want. We don’t pay attention to what “the competition” are doing. We care only about the things within our control. We set our own standards and chart our own course. We love the underdog, call things how we see them and aim to end each day knowing we have done our best work.
About Calm

Who does what?

The People Team.

Our company is split into two distinct divisions, People and Product. The ‘People Team’ are the heart of our organisation. They keep the blood flowing and wheels turning. Sales, Customer Support, Human Resources, Administration and all day-to-day business operations are handled by the ‘People Team’.

The Product Team.

The ‘Product Team’ is the brain of the business. Their job is to make sense of the world and then try to make it better by focusing on product features, marketing, design, development and quality assurance. It is worth noting that a brain cannot survive without a heart providing oxygen. Therefore in equal measure the ‘Product Team’ focuses on improving the offerings for customers and improving the infrastructure for the ‘People Team’.

Achieving our mission.

Together we manage the complexity of a client journey with many moving parts efficiently, reducing costs and increasing capacity at the same time.
Giving Back

Please find below some of the great charities we have chosen to support.

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