Simplify Proof of Funds & Save Time

Streamline the verification process and eliminate frustration with our intuitive proof-of-funds system.

Benefits of our Proof of Funds process

Current Issues

Challenges with Traditional Methods:


Manual verification processes lead to delays and inefficiencies.

Incorrect Documentation

Clients often struggle to provide the right documents, causing disruptions.

Frustration for All

Errors and delays can create a negative experience for both clients and firms.

Our POF Solution

CALM Solution:

Intelligent Guidance

Our system guides clients through the required documents based on their specific source of funds.

Improved Client Satisfaction

A smooth and efficient experience fosters positive client relationships.

Reduced Errors & Delays

Clear instructions and automated workflows minimise errors and expedite the process.


How our Proof of Funds are uniquely tailored for Conveyancers & Law Firms.

Benefits for Your Firm:

Focus on What Matters
Free up valuable time and resources by leaving proof-of-funds verification to our system.
Enhanced Efficiency
Automate workflows and eliminate the need for manual document review.
Reduced Risk
Ensure compliance by verifying funds originate from legitimate sources.

Benefits for Your Clients:

Simple & Straightforward
Address all your AML and compliance needs with comprehensive KYC checks.
Faster Turnarounds

Get your transaction moving quicker with streamlined verification.

Reduced Stress
Avoid delays and frustration associated with traditional methods.
CALM simplifies proof-of-funds verification for everyone. Contact us today to learn more!