Streamline Your Workflow Whilst Protecting Your Clients

Residential Property Searches at the click of a button

Law Firms & Conveyancers

Automated Search Ordering:

Reduced Errors

Eliminate manual ordering with our intelligent system that builds preferred search packs based on identified risks.

Enhanced Efficiency

Free up your time by automating search ordering within the Client Portal and Moving Buddies platforms.

Guaranteed Compliance

All searches are fully compliant and accepted by lenders, ensuring a smooth transaction.

Law Firms & Conveyancers

Client-Centered Experience:

Transparent Process

Clients easily confirm property details and pay directly through the portal, initiating the search order automatically.

Coal Mining Checks

Automatic coal reporting identifies potential risks, giving you and your clients peace of mind.

Customizable Search Bundles

Tailor search packages to your specific needs and preferences for private work.

Law Firms & Conveyancers

Additional Benefits:

Reduced Risk

Identify potential issues early on, protecting your clients from unexpected surprises.

Improved Cash Flow

Eliminate credit control hassles with upfront client payments for searches.

24/7 Access

Easily access and download search results from your secure portal at any time.


More Solutions for Law Firms

ID & AML Checks

Simplify and expedite client onboarding with our secure electronic ID verification system.

Proof of Funds

Streamline the verification process and eliminate frustration with our intuitive proof-of-funds system.

TA Protocol Forms

Ditch Paperwork, Embrace Efficiency: Streamline TA Forms with Calm.

Health Monitor

Calm’s innovative Health Monitor empowers your firm with real-time insights and automated alerts.