Effortless Panel Management: Build Stronger Partnerships with CALM

Who benefits from CALM Panel Management?

Have a panel but need a digital management solution? Use our software to manage your panel work. Ditch spreadsheets and emails! Manage your panel, track referrals, and monitor performance all within our user-friendly software.

Law Firms:
Protect client data with industry-standard encryption.
Estate Agents
Deliver exceptional client service with a trusted network of conveyancers.
Mortgage Brokers
Enhance client satisfaction by offering efficient conveyancing solutions.
Lenders & Insurers
Simplify the referral process and ensure smooth transactions.
Build lasting partnerships with a reliable conveyancing panel.
CALM: Your key to a more collaborative and successful management process.
Law Firms & Conveyancers

White Label Solution:

Seamless Integration

Maintain your brand identity with our fully customizable white-label solution.

Effortless Management

Effortlessly manage your panel, track referrals, and monitor performance.

Streamlined Communication

Facilitate clear communication between all parties involved.


Benefits for Your Business:

Increased Client Satisfaction

Offer a wider range of services and improve the client journey.

Enhanced Revenue Opportunities

Generate referral fees through a trusted panel network.

Improved Efficiency

Streamline referral processes and automate tasks

Stronger Partner Relationships

Build lasting connections with reliable conveyancers.