TA Protocol

CALM eliminates the hassle of tedious paper forms, saving you and your clients valuable time and resources.

Ditch Paperwork, Embrace Efficiency: Streamline TA Forms with CALM.

Law Firms & Conveyancers

Benefits for Law Firms & Conveyancers:

Effortless Form Completion

Clients complete forms electronically, eliminating the need for printing, scanning, and emailing.

Reduced Errors

Pre-filled data minimises errors and streamlines data entry

Faster Turnarounds

Automated workflows expedite the form completion process.

Improved Organization

Store signed forms electronically for easy access and retrieval.


Benefits for Your Clients:

Simple & Convenient

Complete forms from any device with our user-friendly online interface.

Save Time & Hassle

No more printing, scanning, or mailing physical documents

Pre-Populated Fields

Pre-filled data based on previous entries reduces redundancy.

Photo Uploads

Easily upload photos directly within the TA10 Fixtures and Fittings form.

Secure E-Signatures

Sign forms electronically with secure e-signatures with a digital footprint for added security.