Go Digital: Simplify Conveyancing

Boost efficiency, ensure compliance, and transform your conveyancing process

We Empower You:

1. Maximise Productivity: Automate workflows and eliminate repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable time for your teams.

2. Effortless Compliance: Stay on top of regulations with built-in compliance checks, ensuring peace of mind.

3. Seamless Process: Experience a smooth, digital journey from start to finish, enhancing the client experience.

Who we work with

Collaboration is Key:
We bring together conveyancing solicitors, estate agents, and mortgage brokers to create a seamless experience for everyone involved in the moving process.

Here's how it works:
Shared Information: All parties have secure access to essential documents and updates, keeping everyone informed.

Improved Efficiency: Eliminate the need for duplicate data entry and information requests, saving valuable time.

Enhanced Client Experience: Clients benefit from a coordinated approach, leading to a smoother and less stressful move. Let's transform the moving experience together. Contact us today!

Law Firms

Simplify your workflow and accelerate transactions with digital conveyancing

Online Quote Engine: Provide 24/7 online quote generation for your clients and all of your referrers.

Client Portal: Eliminate manual work with automated tasks streamlining the onboarding and conveyancing process.

Join Our Panel: Connecting you with a steady stream of clients through our high-performing lead generation and customer acquisition websites.

Estate Agents / Brokers

Supercharge referrals and client experience with next level software

Transform: Delivering referrals with our powerful software solutions, including an online conveyancing quote engine.

Boost Conversion Rates: Generate instant, accurate quotes online, significantly increasing your referral conversion rate.

Vendor Leads: Working with us gives you access to our home-mover vendor leads generated from our lead generation websites.

Home Movers

Stress free home moving: how we make it happen

Digital: Clients progress through a full digital journey enabling them to complete tasks at their own pace.

Personalised: Clients only complete forms, documents and information relevant to their transaction.

Transparent Progress: Transparent milestone updates keep everyone informed, minimising unnecessary calls and emails.

We Can Help, If You:

We Can Help, If You:

Need to generate instant, accurate quotes directly on your website or from your referrers, capturing leads at the source.
Would benefit from automating manual tasks to significantly improve efficiency and free up valuable time for your teams.
Want to boost your sales pipeline by increasing conveyancing instructions in your law firm.

Unlock the future of conveyancing. Contact CALM and learn how our innovative digital solutions can revolutionise your business.

CALM: Streamlining the Move - From Quote to Completion

Digital Solutions
Streamlines your conveyancing processes by combining key steps into a single, user-friendly digital portal
Client On-Boarding
Guide clients through a clear and intuitive process, minimising confusion.
Search Ordering
Search pack orders are automated from the purchase property postcode collected at the time of quote generation.
ID & AML Checks
Secure and compliant identity checks and anti-money laundering checks on all clients and related clients.
Proof of Funds
Clients are guided to upload the correct proof of funds documents based on the source of their funds.
TA Protocol Forms
All relevant TA forms based on transaction and property type are completed digitally with e-signatures.

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