Customer Acquisition & Lead Management

Customer Acquisition & Lead Mangement

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We work with businesses in the Legal, Financial and Property sectors. Helping you to generate new clients as well as maximise the value of your current client base.


Law Firms

Providing conveyancing and legal clients to Law Firms and Conveyancers.

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Estate Agents

Introduce your clients and earn a revenue share of products and services purchased.

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If you work with clients that need legal and financial services that you do not provide introducing them with us earns you a passive revenue share.

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CALM is led by a team of marketing & lead management professionals and software developers.  We have a wealth of experience generating quality leads for various business sectors. Our USP means we also manage leads through a full journey resulting in converted customers for their initial product/service enquiry as well as additional up-sell products.

Our partners have the opportunity to create a passive revenue stream for business they are able to introduce to each other, for products and services they do not offer themselves. We facilitate partnerships in legal and financial fields which are tracked and managed within our software including development of a lead and financial remuneration.

The client acquisition process is very time-consuming; we do the hard work for you.


New Client Generation

We pay for marketing campaigns, you pay for leads or qualified appointments. 
Leads are generated via: our own websites, Google, FaceBook and many others.

Introducing Clients

increase your profitability when your clients purchase with our partners by earning a revenue share. We facilitate the relationships, agree fees and commissions and you simply introduce your clients. CALM manages the GDPR and you get paid for the introduction.


CALM Software Benefits

Our software is entirely built in-house by our own development team, giving us complete control over what we can achieve with it, as well as 24/7 dedicated support.

Our software collects lead data from our marketing campaigns and Introducers instantly so that it can be acted on immediately. All users have a personal login so that a lead can be managed quickly and easily from the moment it is generated to the point of conversion.

The software enables our partners to introduce new business to each other quickly and efficiently. At the same time the status and financials are tracked so you know at any given time what products a client has purchased and their value.


CALM Operations

The administration and management of CALM’s internal structures and its partners. Controlling business operations to ensure a smooth transition from lead generation, acquisition, conversion and delivery of client to the correct service provider/partner. Managing growth and profitability for our partners

CALM Development

IT & software development. In-house designed bespoke software created to specifically track, manage and monetise clients throughout their entire journey. Leads are generated in real time within the software. They can be introduced and managed by multiple service providers based on a client’s requirements. Each client’s status is managed showing where conversion occurs and what commissions and fees are due. We cover the GDPR requirements within the client’s journey.

CALM Marketing

Our skilled marketing team design and undertake numerous marketing campaigns in order to generate leads. We are able to acquire and convert leads cost effectively creating a more profitable client.

  • Lead generation
  • Search marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Social media
  • Create and manage sales funnels
  • Website design and build

CALM Conversion

In-house conversion team that are part of our sales funnels, seeking conversion of leads into clients for relevant services. We employ experienced professionals that have a proven sales track record. Our high calibre sales people cross-sell products over a variety of services and products. All team members are trained with continuous product knowledge. Strategic conversion also takes place via our sales funnels with the use of SMS, emails etc.


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